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Please fill out the inquiry form to the best of your ability! The headcount, makeup completion time, ceremony time, and getting ready location do not need to be finalized to book. To ensure that we are a perfect match for your big day, please provide as much information as possible regarding your desired makeup style.

Please also double check that the email address entered into the inquiry form is correct as I am unable to respond with an incorrect email address.


Pay $150 Retainer &
Send Signed Contract

Once you have received a response stating that I am available on your date, I will wait for you to confirm that you are ready to book and will send over an invoice which will include a bridal contract attachment at the bottom of the invoice. Both the retainer and fully signed contract will be due within 48 hours. If I have not received both within that timeframe, I will follow up again to see if you are still interested in booking before releasing the date for other clients. 

Retainer is due via the invoice that is sent- other forms of payment are not available to secure wedding date. Cash/ Card/ Venmo payments are available for remaining balances.


 Receive Confirmation Email 

Once you have sent over both the retainer and signed contract, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours with all bridal makeup related information- makeup schedule, remaining balance due date, bridal trial information, makeup prep instructions, etc.

Please make sure to check your email spam as important emails can get lost in the spam folder. To ensure that my emails do not get lost, please save my email address into your contact list as stated at the top of the inquiry page.

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Makeup for all of your special occasions!

$115 (1-1,5 hours)

-$50 non-refundable retainer required to book

Retainer goes towards makeup service

-Full face makeup application
-False eyelashes included
-Service available in-studio only

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Bridal Booking

To secure a wedding date, a $150 retainer and signed bridal contract are required, and both are due within 48 hours upon receiving the invoice. The NON-REFUNDABLE security deposit goes towards the wedding makeup services. If anyone scheduled for makeup services decides to cancel on the day of the wedding, a $50 fee will be charged per cancellation on top of the service price (no exceptions). Full payment for all services including travel is due one day prior to the wedding. Cash, card, and Venmo payments are accepted, and there is a processing fee added to card/ Venmo payments.

Rates are subject to change without notice. Only contractual rates are guaranteed.

If you must reschedule your wedding date, the initial retainer cannot not be refunded, and another retainer will need to be paid to secure the new date. The rates listed on my site at the time of re-booking will be applied to the new date.

Touch-up bridal bags are gifted to all brides on the wedding day and can be shared with the bridal party. Bridal bags include:

-False eyelashes adhesive

-Makeup remover

-Blotting sheets

-Setting powder

-Makeup sponge

-Bride's lipstick

-Mascara wand

I will provide the bridal party with mini lip items for touch-ups before professional photos, and recommend that they bring their own full size lip product on the day of to utilize throughout the day if needed. I provide minimal touch-ups on each bridal party member before leaving the getting ready location to ensure that everyone looks fresh for photos.


Special Occasion Booking

A $50 retainer is required to secure special occasions. The retainer goes towards the service requested and the remaining amount of the service is due on the day of the appointment. If you decide to cancel, you will only receive 50% of the retainer back. If you decide to cancel on the day of your appointment, the retainer will not be refunded (no exceptions). 

My appointments are confirmed via text message & email 24 hours in advance to avoid no-shows. 

Travel (available for weddings only)

$1/mile from Makeup By LZ Studio (133 West Boscawen Street, Suite 4, Winchester, VA, 22601) & back + $80 on-site fee. All tolls and parking fees are added to the total balance due on the day of the wedding. Hotel accommodations may be required depending on an early arrival time/ distance of location. This may be requested after the wedding has been booked based on my calculations when creating the makeup schedule after details have been sent. If unable to provide hotel accommodations when requested, the headcount for makeup will need to be changed. A relocation fee of $50 is charged if wanting services done at more than one location (traveling to more than one location is not always available, please make sure to discuss this option with me prior to booking).

Wedding Day Add-Ons


Adding services on the day of the wedding require a $10 fee on top of original pricing. Availability is not guaranteed, so please make sure to let me know prior to the wedding day if anyone is needing to be added to the makeup schedule.

Bridal Trial

Only available if wedding date is booked and is only available for brides. If any members of your bridal party are wanting a preview of a desired look, a special occasion makeup service can be booked for one desired look. Trials/ special occasion services are offered in-studio onlyA retainer of $50 is required to secure bridal trials which goes towards the service. The remaining amount of the service is due on the day of the appointment via cash, card, or Venmo. Bridal trials are scheduled 1-2 months prior to the wedding.

Minimum Requirement


A service minimum of 3 clients is required to provide bridal services on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Service minimum excludes flower girls/ junior bridesmaids.

Maximum Requirement

Makeup services can be provided for a maximum of 8 clients for weddings if given the sufficient amount of time. This is based on the time makeup needs to be completed and how early the venue will allow to arrive. If the venue does not allow for the requested arrival time (this is determined once the makeup schedule is created based off the completion time and headcount), I offer the following options:

-Start services at my studio/ hotel near the venue/ airbnb / home then finish services at the venue (extra fees are applied if needing to travel to more than one location)
-Provide all services at another location (including my studio as it can accommodate large bridal parties)
-Book another makeup artist to avoid an early start time and to provide all services at the venue


I do not bring other makeup artists on-site with me when I am unable to accommodate larger bridal parties on my own, however I can recommend another makeup artist if needed. Hotel accommodations may be required for early start times depending on the travel distance and the headcount for makeup (this can be requested after the date is booked).

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